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Gaelene Risk is an internationally recognised motivational speaker on self-empowerment and self-love.

As a leading motivational speaker, her reputation and transformational talks have created the opportunity for International Platforms where trauma recovery, self- acceptance and achieving the best version of yourself have been the focus. Gaelene is invited to speak regularly at events and has previously shared the stage with the prominent JT Foxx, George Ross, Johanna Mukoki to mention a few and has attended seminars with the likes of John Travolta, Calvin Klein, 50 Cent, Fredrik Eklund among others.

Gaelene is personally motivated by what she does, having lived through trauma and having overcome it herself, she is able to identify with those struggles that are real, naturally empathising with people’s experiences and situations. She can appreciate the amount of effort, energy and commitment it takes to heal. When she speaks, it is to call to the soul to go within, to dig deeper and unravel what you think you know so that you can become more of who you were meant to be. Gaelene’s talks are a catalyst to creating change within you.

The passion and drive I feel, as a speaker, is translatable through my message:

“You are not the limitations of your experience, you are the strength in who you choose to become.”

I have survived trauma, I have overcome it and now I thrive because of it.

Why book a motivational speaker?

Motivational and inspirational speakers play an important role in society. A good speaker can change your life in a positive way by encouraging you to live in alignment with your full potential. People of all ages and all backgrounds can benefit from these inspiring messages.

What types of motivational speaking do you offer?

• Transformational leadership
• The power of communication
• Being transparent
• Cultivating individual growth
• Creating a community
• Establishing a joint vision
• The influence of collaboration


• The power of authenticity
• What you thought would kill you has made you greater
• Individual, relational and wealth creation paradigms
• Be bigger – expanding your horizons
• Look from the inside out rather than the outside in
• Allowing yourself to receive success
• Growing beyond other people’s ideas


• Producing the empowered student
• How to find your passion for life
• Translating what you love into a career
• Creating a culture of mutual respect
• Growing into the best version of you
• The power of ownership
• Being more than your experiences


• Allowing and valuing space for self-love
• Giving permission in claiming your life and your success
• Acting collectively to achieve a vision
• Being more of who you really are
• Digging deep to find your gold
• Holding one another through the lows and celebrating the highs together
• Overcoming personal challenges, using this strength to be who you are destined to be

Why book Gaelene?

My talks are geared towards personal empowerment and transformational change.

I am personally motivated by what I do, having lived through trauma and having overcome it I identify with the struggles that are real, naturally empathising with people’s experiences and situations. I appreciate the amount of effort and energy it takes to heal. When I speak, it is to call to your soul to go within, to dig deeper and unravel what you think you know so that you can become more of who you were meant to be. I speak to create change… a change within you and a change within me. Every one of us is destined for greatness, hear me… I’ll tell you how you get there.

Where can you hear Gaelene speaking?

Any opportunity to create change is an opportunity I am always interested in. Diary permitting, you can hear me speaking at global events, businesses, schools and community events, locally and internationally. Subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated.

Past events

Birmingham, United Kingdom 2005

Certified facilitator of Louise L. Hay (renowned author and founder of Hay House publishers) “Love yourself, heal your life” workshops.

Lusty Beg, Ireland 2007

Guest speaker at "Self-Empowerment and Self-Love" seminar.

Gillooly’s, Johannesburg 2008

Guest speaker at the Odyssey Talk Festival.

Alberton, Johannesburg 2008

Guest speaker at College of Complimentary Health.

Pretoria 2009

Guest speaker at Hay House South Africa book launch event.

Kyalami, Johannesburg 2016

Speaker at "Tycoons of Wealth", a global event hosted by JT Foxx (world’s no 1 wealth coach) with George Ross (best-selling author, former right hand man to Donald Trump and celebrity apprentice judge) and other big names.

Kyalami, Johannesburg 2016

Exclusive video interview with George Ross.

Orlando, Florida 2016

Attended a global event with JT Foxx, John Travolta, 50 Cent, Calvin Klein, George Ross, Nido Qubein, Fredrik Eklund, Bruce Buffer and Randi Zuckerberg.

Sandton, Johannesburg 2017

Guest and speaker on My Journey at the "Dream Team" event.

Ballito, KwaZulu Natal 2017

Weekly column with the North Coast Courier on how to succeed in business, grow personally and build relationships.

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I’m Gaelene, a qualified social worker with practices in JHB and Durban, I specialise in creating a safe space for people who feel lost and paralysed by their experiences. A space where people feel accepted and supported through their journey whilst reclaiming the greatest version of themselves.

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