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What is online and telephonic counselling?

Online and telephonic counselling offer you, the client, the same level of support and confidentiality as you would have in a face to face session. Instead of meeting face to face, we would have your session online via Skype or telephonically. Online and telephone counselling are able to offer solutions to some of the challenges associated with getting to a counselling session.

Why online or telephonic counselling?

Some of the most common curbs of investing in yourself have to do with practical and logistical reasons rather than not wanting to better yourself. Online and telephonic sessions allow you, as the client, and me, as the counsellor, flexibility with time. This means avoiding long distances of travel and traffic if you are not in the same area as me. Last minute opportunities for urgent or emergency sessions are possible. Coaching sessions can be held in the evenings when your children are asleep or when you are travelling locally or abroad. Should you be housebound through illness or a disability, coaching is still accessible to you. Why should you feel unsupported our out of touch during stressful periods when your coaching sessions are essential to your well-being?

How does online and telephonic counselling work?

The online counselling that I offer is via Skype. Skype is a computer program that allows you to video chat in real time with other people over the internet. The Skype software is free and is easy to download. Your computer will need a webcam or microphone, but they are relatively inexpensive to purchase, if you don’t have them. The benefit of Skype is that you are able to physically see me during our session. This is something that clients often miss during telephonic counselling. Skype sessions enable you to have your counselling session from the comfort of your own home or anywhere in the world.

Telephonic counselling works in the same was as face to face counselling but instead of sitting with me, your session is conducted over the telephone. You are able to have your session anywhere as you don’t need to be confined by a professional space or the requirement of a computer.

How do I get started?

Reach out to us via email, telephone or sms. Once you have done that, we will get in touch with you and have a brief discussion on what you are wanting to achieve in working with me and how I can help. If we are a fit, we will book you an appointment time for either your online or telephonic counselling. At the time of your appointment, I will Skype you or phone you and so begins our first session together.

Is there a cancellation policy?

Should you be in a situation where you are unable to keep your online or telephonic counselling session, 24 hour notice is required to cancel and reschedule. If you find yourself in a last minute situation where you really can’t make your session, please let us know immediately. A grace period is given for the first time that this happens but should it happen more than once you will be expected to forfeit 50% of your session fee. Many hours and a lot of planning go into every session and this is time that is taken away from

Who benefits from online and telephonic counselling?

• Clients who travel regularly
• Clients with very busy time schedules
• Clients who cannot get to appointments during normal business hours
• Clients who live far away
• Clients who live overseas
• Clients who are bedridden or disabled

What about confidentiality?

Confidentiality is essential to building trust and something I value immensely. Whether you are booked for a face to face session, online counselling or telephonic counselling the space we share is private and confidential. Should the need ever arise for this to be changed, an open and honest discussion will be discussed as a way forward. This would only be in an extreme case where either yourself or someone you know may be at risk of harm.

How long does counselling take?

Each person is unique in their experiences and in personality so it is difficult to provide an exact timeframe for everyone. A minimum of three sessions commitment is a requirement when working with me, and from there a more specific and accurate time line is created. My experience has shown that most clients begin to see deep personal and professional fulfilment within three months of beginning counselling.

How do I pay for online or telephonic counselling sessions?

Online and telephonic counselling sessions are paid for in advance or on the day of your appointment via electronic payment. Payment is to be made in full. We are exploring the benefits of opting in to a medical aid scheme as a potential option and will keep you informed of any changes.

What my clients say

"If you feel that your long-held beliefs and deep rooted problems are holding you back in life, then I can recommend this course to you. Over two days, the counseling and encouragement triggered a catalyst for me to begin a journey of self-discovery, all within a safe environment with others who felt the same way."

Sarah (Guernsey, Channel Islands) 2005

"I feel that the structure of the course would challenge anybody and their boundaries on many levels. I cried a lot during the weekend but maybe that was meant to happen. I didn’t feel sad after we finished the sessions each day, drained yes, but not sad. Optimistic in fact, because you’ve been given some tools to help you cope with stress and problems in your life from now on in. I learned something important too that I deserved to be happy. A lot of the time I don’t think that I do … The Louise Hay workshop has left a lasting imprint on my heart and I will never forget the women I met or what we all learnt about ourselves and from each other with the help of our tutors. Going back to what I said at the start, I am so glad I took part and I would highly recommend this course to anyone."

Alne (Lusty Beg, Belfast)

"I saw her (chiropractor) this morning and she said it was the first time in four years that she has been able to adjust my lower back its thanks to the wonderful work you helped me with last weekend. All my emotions were ‘stored’ down there and I was holding on to them for dear life! Now that I’ve been able to let go emotionally, my body has been able to let go as well. I am so much better off since meeting you... The work we did has had a wonderful effect on my life! I can now truly see each new day as a gift, without needing to look backwards or forwards. Thanks to the lessons you taught me, my life has a whole new meaning and it is so liberating to be able to leave the old behind… Keep up the wonderful work that you are doing!"

Joanne (Johannesburg) 2008

"GETTING ALONG MARVELLOUSLY!!! I am really astounded (and believe me when I say this – it takes a lot to move me). I am more positive and getting more so. My outlook has changed completely (more positive thoughts and so forth). The reason for all this is: On Tueday last week got phoned from a hotel group that previously did not approve my application – went for interview last Friday (awaiting positive results) and on Wednesday last week my current employer offered me a higher position and remuneration and so forth (I have wanted this for the last 6 months or more – new job and higher income). Things, (big and small) seem to really fall in place.”

Lucas (Johannesburg) 2008 

"I attended the ‘love yourself, heal your life’ course this weekend with Gaelene and I can’t even express how awesome it was. I felt as if the content was ‘written’ especially for me and it is going to push me over that last little hurdle after which, I plan to never ever look back on this dark time. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the life changing course this weekend. I cannot believe how much it has helped me and how much it feels like I have been lifted out of a very deep, dark hole. I am aware that this was not the only thing that has helped me (and gratefully so, because then I would doubt the longevity thereof) but it certainly was pivotal and I will forever be grateful for your time. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Thank you so much."

Theresa (Johannesburg) 2008

"This workshop has truly transformed my life! While I had read books on the subject the workshop really brought these ideas and principles to life, bettering my understanding of them and their relevance to my life. The exercises in the workshop really helped me see the negative beliefs I had – some I was aware of, and some that I had no idea existed until the workshop. The exercises were facilitated in such a way that I always felt safe, feeling free to discover my beliefs and patterns, but secure in the sense that a loving and experienced facilitator was guiding my journey. The take home materials and CD’s have really allowed me to apply the techniques to my everyday life. The most important element of the workshop for me was that I felt I could truly be and explore who I really am. The environment that Gaelene creates is a warm, loving space where unconditional acceptance and safety are a given. I highly recommend this workshop to everyone, whether you are looking to make changed, or just merely want to improve your quality and understanding of life."

Lara (Johannesburg) 2007

"On a more profound note, the past week and a bit have been extremely challenging in so far as life throwing everything at me to test the newly leant belief system. It has been harrowing to say the least, but I have survived with a lot more positivity becoming my reality. I also wake up singing ‘I love myself…’ and have been doing so since last week."

Liz ( Johannesburg) 2008

"Thank you for all the support and encouragement you give so generously! We are blessed to have you!"

Karin (Johannesburg) 2008

"Just want to say thank you for the course this weekend I thought I was not going to learn something new for a youngster like you but at the end I really got emotional and that’s what I needed just to see every time is a new journey and you (ma) go with the flow with what comes up… Thank you!"

Rene (Johannesburg) 2008

"Gaelene gave me the tools and wisdom to find my truth, and to finally like the person that I am. She has a quiet, gentle strength which I came to rely on quite a bit in my journey of self discovery."

Coralee (Johannesburg) 2016

"I indeed entered a new chapter after the wonderful course I did with you three years ago. I am engaged to be married, to my ex husband. Its been a wonderful two years back together (after 5 years of divorce). Our daughters are so happy and still ‘congratulate’ us on a daily basis. Who would have thought?"

Charinne (Johannesburg) 2016

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