Being self-confident means that you are secure in who you are and in your abilities. A core value of self-confidence is trusting yourself

Some people have a natural ability to be confident, but for most of us, self-confidence is something we choose to learn.
A lack of self-confidence shows in the words we speak, the way we act, the way we feel about ourselves and the way we carry ourselves. Low self-confidence has an impact not only on ourselves and our ability to function, but on all areas of our lives; our relationships,
our careers, our health, our lifestyles and our expectations of how the world will treat us.

The journey of confidence building guides you through a process of learning to be content with who you are, like the person you are and let go of the things that are limiting you


There are many ways to do this but the most common of these is training your brain to think and speak more positively, understanding why you have such poor opinions about your ability and how this has impacted on your life.

 Train your brain

Thinking positively can seem challenging and feel unnatural. Being aware of your thoughts and the impact they have on your abilities is key. Repeating positive mantras will not have an immediate effect on you, but planting the seeds of possibility into your mind, will. Every time you say something kind or caring about yourself, you ‘water’ the seeds until you are open to having a different conversation with yourself. It’s from this space that you can then dig deeper and begin to understand your why?

Understand your why?

Where did you learn to have the belief’s you have? What have you learnt about others relationship with themselves? What’s your story and how has it shaped who you are? Only through introspection and self-reflection can you answer these questions.
It’s my experience that we, as humans, are afraid of our emotions and what they may mean. We are too scared to look at our lives and what they represent about our internal world. We are terrified of falling apart and then re-building and re-creating a newer, happier version of ourselves. Only through peeling away the layers will you find your heart

How is your life impacted by being your current version of you?

The biggest influence in your level of success is self-confidence. If you want to achieve your goals, you absolutely must have enough self-confidence to see it through. Any areas needing improvement have a direct correlation to what you believe to be true about the world you live in.  When something appears as challenging, this is usually an indication that you are ready to address this. By ‘addressing’, I mean looking at what’s unresolved within yourself that is now being reflected outwardly. Being open to seeing all of yourself can be incredibly liberating. Make sense of the ‘coincidental’ by identifying real patterns.

You hold all of your wisdom inside of you, be courageous enough to access it.

The Trauma Coach offers self confidence coaching helping you to peel away all the layers of protection you have built up over the years, and uncover the truest version of you. Click here to learn more or get in touch with Gaelene Risk – The Trauma Coach

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