I attended a global event in Orlando with JT Foxx (world’s no. 1 wealth coach), John Travolta (actor and producer), Curtis James Jackson III (known as 50 Cent, rapper, actor, businessman), Calvin Klein (fashion designer), George Ross (best-selling author, former right hand man to Donald Trump and celebrity apprentice judge), Nido Qubein (businessman, motivational speaker, President of High Point University), Fredrik Eklund (New York real estate broker and TV reality star), Warren Buffer (official UFC events announcer), Randi Zuckerberg (former Facebook vice president) and Johanna Mukoki (S.A.’s most influential women in business and government in the tourism sector, serial entrepreneur)

Four life changing days listening to and learning how these ordinary people allowed themselves to become extraordinary. We are no different from these inspiring celebrities; John Travolta, Calvin Klein, Fredrik Eklund, Randi Zuckerberg, 50 Cent, Nido Qubein and George Ross are human beings who made a decision to pursue their passion and do whatever it took for it to become their life. Remarkable people leaving unforgettable legacies behind.