About thirteen years ago I picked up this book called ‘The miracle of water’ by Masaru Emoto… and then I put it down again. A few more weeks pass and I seem to keep asking myself the same question, “Why are these ‘stories’ taking up so much of my time, constantly playing on a never ending loop? Why can’t I stop these obsessive thoughts that only make me miserable? Why are bad things always happening to me?” I suppose at any cross roads in life you reassess and re-evaluate who you are and what direction you’re going in.


My life was complicated to say the least, but I’d been reading and learning about healing through self-love, getting involved in courses and connecting with people who knew a bit about this stuff. Up until a couple of years before, I had never even known there was such a thing as liking yourself. I’d pretty much felt that life was a series of accidents waiting to happen… to me! Being the eternal answer-searcher and over-thinker that I am, I kept being nudged in the same direction of “have you read this book?” Somewhere in the murky waters of my drama and actually believing I was getting wiser to this thing called life, I reached a new rock bottom and completely, despairingly I fell apart. I cried uncontrollably, I hid away from the world and wallowed in my sadness, loneliness and discontentment. Was this my life?

Eventually dragging myself out of the house, I sat in an appointment with my therapist, feeling like there was no reason to hope and no reason to exist. When I’d finished self-indulging in my party of self-pity, she looked me directly in the eye and said, “do you want a better life? (I nodded). Are you willing to change? (I sniffed and then nodded). Read this book.” So I went home and I read the book.

My earlier thoughts of what could water possibly have to do with me and the disastrous life I was leading where very shortly lived. I soon acknowledged the obvious; without water we could not exist, water is vital and necessary for our survival. Dr. Emoto dedicated much of his later years to researching the correlation between water and words. So basically, what he uncovered was that water exposed to positive words created molecular water crystals that were beautifully formed and balanced, while water exposed to negativity would become disfigured and even change color and become unattractive. Still not sure where I’m going with this? Well, here’s the kicker, the human body is made up of approximately 60-70% of water… As you think words and thoughts that are negative, the water in your body forms around these ideas and then responds accordingly; as you can expect, the water within you is then deformed and distorted. When you learn to speak and think words of positivity, the water in your body changes its structures to pureness and beauty, which is then reflected outwardly.

Keeping up with me?
Simply by using uplifting and positive words on a daily basis you can change the cellular formation in your body. Interestingly, the loveliest of the water crystals were formed with the words love and gratitude. When you continuously think of love and gratitude within yourself and in your life, you can only be changed… from the cells on the inside to the person on the outside..
By the time I’d finished reading an entire book of research and images, I was completely changed. I had never considered the weight of the power I had over my life and the decisions and choices I was making. I began to apply these theories to my life and not surprisingly, my life began to change. Suddenly there was light again, there was joy in my days and love in my life. This book has had a profound impact on my own healing journey and is a tool I integrate in all my sessions and talks. Who knew the power of what you were thinking could shape your life so dramatically, and for a change, be pivotal in the transformation of us as blossoming human beings. Unbelievable!

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