Is life getting a little ‘too cushy’? If you answer ‘yes’ to the questions below, it may be time to acknowledge you might be stuck in a rut

Has your life become predictable?

Are you bored with the people and places in it?

Are you unhappy with where you are right now but don’t know how to make a change?

Are you uninspired and unexcited about who you are?

Are you feeling disconnected from the world around you?


Follow these tips to get out and make life exciting again and get yourself out of that restrictive comfort zone.

No need for drastic decisions

Acknowledging that you need to make a change doesn’t mean that you need to rush out and leave your job, end your relationship or immigrate; it simply means recognizing that something within you is ready to grow in a different direction. Think about what this could mean for you and how this may look.

Understand your comfort zone

By understanding what your comfort zone means to you, you’ll be able to make sense of what’s keeping you in it. You may be caught in a comfort zone that feels familiar because of your early childhood experiences. Adults who’ve had nurturing and loving childhoods are less likely to find themselves unmotivated or stagnating. When the comfort zone evokes an old memory or pattern of behavior that is negative, it’s not unusual to be complacent in this space as this is what you know. Understanding where your responses are coming from is a big part of accepting why you are in the rut you are in. That means looking inwardly and reflecting on old experiences and how you felt then and how this is mirroring your present moment.

Be positive

Use words of encouragement and positivity when describing your situation. The more you use words like, “I’m stuck” or “I don’t know what to do”, the more your mind and body is resonating with this belief. Instead of focusing on what you don’t want, shift your mind to focus on what you do what. Change your words to reflect where you want to be by saying “I am gaining clarity everyday” or “I constantly move forward”. Suddenly the possibility of opportunity opens up for you.

Set goals and take action

Commit to taking action by outlining achievable goals. Simply by making the decision to take action, you have taken a leap forward. Have an end goal in mind and then work your way back from there by outlining a step by step plan of how to get there. Make sure to keep each step as uncomplicated as possible and crystal clear in achievability.

Take responsibility

Hold yourself accountable by setting time frames for any action you’ve outlined on your goals list. Every task needs to be followed with the question, “by when?” This reduces aimless wandering, procrastinating and unfocused mindsets. Take responsibility for being an action taker. Even if all you are taking are micro steps, you are still moving forward.

Visualise your prize

Keep your eye on the prize by having a picture or words of what you want. Whichever you choose, make it tangible, creative and accomplishable.


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