We, as human beings do not feel lonely because there are fewer people around us; we feel lonely because we have disconnected from affection, warmth and emotional tenderness

Living in an age of social media, skype, online dating and cellular connectivity, loneliness should be the least relevant experience in our human existence. However, research says otherwise.

We, as human beings do not feel lonely because there are fewer people around us; we feel lonely because we have disconnected from affection, warmth and emotional tenderness. We believe that having more friends around us, the less likely we are to feel lonely. The reality is, though, that empty friendships have little value in feeling like we are a part of something greater than ourselves.

Other than the superficial input and how it looks from the outside, the foundation of the experience is still isolation. Being an extrovert or introvert, also, has little baring on your ability to feel lonely. Assuming that someone who is shy and quiet, is lonelier, than another person who is loud and boisterous, is again a myth.

The timid, introvert, may very well have meaningful connections in his or her life and be content in the relationship they have with themselves. Whilst the bolder personality may seem to attract a lot of company but the quality of this could be lacking. What about the belief that lonely people are lonely because they are socially awkward?

Once again, this is untrue, as socially awkward persons are usually more aware of picking up social queues than others. However, the pressure of wanting to be liked and included is often what retracts them from interacting socially. These are often people who value their relationships and invest fully in them so the quality of their interactions with the people they do have in their lives are more significant.

Married couples don’t feel lonely is another common myth. For any couple who is growing together, is supportive of each other and is invested in building a life, loneliness is not a feature. However, for the couples who are experiencing disharmony; feeling that their partner isn’t hearing or understanding them, feeling that they are separate from the other person, not being able to communicate their unhappiness and facing daily conflicts, loneliness can consume them.

It is so easy to become isolated through a relationship as our society condones this separation and expects it even. With the belief that you have found someone to share your life with, in which you will never be alone


Believing loneliness isn’t a serious condition, is an ignorant view of what is afflicting so many of us today. The physical consequences of loneliness are extremely significant and impact directly on one’s well-being; 


Studies have shown that chronic loneliness affects our immune systems, increases our mortality rate, increases our blood pressure, affects our sleeping and rest periods and most importantly, affects our ability to experience joy in our lives. Feeling lonely can be very stressful.

Be brave and put a part of yourself out there. Welcome others to share a part of themselves with you; you, as are they, are worth getting to know.



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