Working hard and making sacrifices can only take you so far

Do you feel like you are putting in all your effort and energy into making something in your life work, but you are just not seeing the results? Working hard and making sacrifices can only take you so far. How do you translate this into success, whether it’s personal or in business? Who are you taking advice from? Who do you wanting to emulate? Do they represent how you feel?


There are so many resources out there; the internet and social media connects us in a heartbeat. The downfall of these are misrepresentation and misleading you into believing that life or business or wealth is easier for everyone else


Honest and real advice can be hard to come by. Read the books, listen to the audios and watch the you tube videos; but most importantly, stop and take note of how it makes you feel.

Why are you doing what you are doing? What’s your motivation for wanting to succeed in a specific area of your life? If your underlying incentive is not in alignment with who you are, you will consistently bump up against it, no matter what advice you take or what you learn about.

Go back to basics and work out your why? Why do I want to do this, why is this important to me, why will this keep me driven? How are you managing your energy and time? Running around like a headless chicken, leaping between tasks and excessive juggling is not only exhausting, it’s debilitating to your process. It may be time to slow things down, take a step back and reflect on why you are so busy ‘doing’, without any ‘getting’.

It’s possible to harness your energy and time productively. The easiest way to begin is just to stop what you’ve been doing, and learn to do it differently. If you keep doing it the same way, you will continue to have the same results. Are you afraid of change? Are you afraid to do life or business differently?

The speed of daily living is outweighing the steady and consistent old school beliefs many of us were taught or have learnt by example. As soon as we get a handle on how the world is working, a new set of rules applies.

The only answer to keeping up with trends and continuing to be ahead of everyone else is to learn, learn, learn. Keep educating yourself, immerse yourself in knowledge about the areas you’d like to improve on and then observe how others, who are truly successful, do this. Are you ashamed of asking for help? When were in the thick of things, it’s very difficult to see where our strengths or weaknesses lie. It takes someone from the outside to look at your situation as a whole, with a fresh perspective and shine light where it may seem dark. Learn from the best, they got to where they are because they, too, did the same thing.


We’re not so different, you and me,

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you were meant to be