There is meaning and value in the life you lead and the company you keep, as this is your story

Human relationships are more than sharing space on earth and bloodlines. There is meaning and value in the life you lead and the company you keep, as this is your story. Relationships teach us about ourselves, the good, the bad and the ugly. Often, the people we relate to are a mirror of our true self – this can be hard to look at. If we don’t like what we see in them, it’s likely to be the same thing we don’t like about ourselves. This is the most common thing we bump up against when dealing with challenging relationships. Only once you address the discomfort within yourself can you move forward in resolution with others.


Positive relationships demand the best version of us 


Accepting the people in our lives for who they are, listening effectively and offering time to the relationship means that we are investing in something greater than ourselves. We have to give adequately of ourselves to receive back. Half-hearted input gives you half-hearted output. Giving of your best to a relationship means knowing yourself and leaving room for growth. We outgrow behaviours and, as I’m sure you know, we can outgrow people too.

Your primary relationships should be congruent with who you are right now. Maintaining equilibrium in relationships can be challenging, especially if you are the ‘giver’ in the relationship.The ‘giver’, by nature, will give 100% to the important people in their lives. But while the ‘giver’ is giving 100% there is no space left for the ‘receiver’ to give anything back.

The equilibrium of the relationship is immediately unbalanced. If the ‘giver’ learnt to give 50% to the relationship, automatically there is 50% more space for the ‘receiver’ to give too. In this understanding lies your success in relationships.

My rule of thumb is 50% to yourself and 50% to the relationship. Should the other person not meet you at their 50%, you have your answer about how invested they are in this. Manage your boundaries effectively. In any relationship, it is important to be grounded within yourself and have a good understanding of who you are and what emotions are yours. If you become entangled in other people’s experiences, without appropriate boundaries, you will become lost in their emotions. This makes it difficult to process what are your issues and emotions versus the other persons.

The art of communication is in accepting and celebrating the fact that we are all different. No one is better or worse, just different. Listen to what is being said, rather than pre-empting your answer or assuming you understand. Don’t be defensive, be open to feedback and see where you could communicate differently. Give your time to relationships and be present. This means putting your phone down, moving away from the computer or television and being with the person who is attempting to connect with you.

Be comfortable with yourself to feel secure in connecting, open your heart and find the courage to form deeper bonds.

Life coaching gives you the opportunity to improve these aspects of your life; encouraging you to become the greatest version of who you are. Life coaching will assist you in achieving your goals. Life coaching offers ongoing support and a place of trust and honesty. Life coaching embodies acting and holding you accountable for your life until you accomplish your vision and begin living your secret desires.

Don’t allow happy and successful living to be something that happens to other people. With a life coach, you can make this your reality today.


We’re not so different, you and me,

join my soul tribe and become more of who

you were meant to be