We are so unique as a species. So spectacular in our vulnerabilities and individualism

As human beings, we have the ability to communicate, experience emotions, empathize with one another, make decisions, think and ponder and inherit genes and behaviors from generations before us. We are so unique as a species. So spectacular in our vulnerabilities and individualism. Yet we spend every waking moment wanting to blend and disappear into the abyss of this practice we call life.

Why are we so afraid to really go there and be what we are designed to be… messy, unpredictable, chaotic and raw beings.

We avoid the feelings, we move through one experience onto the next with blitzing speed, we interchange our people and our relationships, stumbling onto different arrays of identities; losing sight of who and what we are. This avoidance of sitting and being in your life, in a moment, in a space of time diminishes daily. As we continue to disconnect from ourselves, we separate from humankind – the extension of us.


We have forgotten how to demonstrate the simplest of kindnesses to ourselves and others. Show compassion to our children, our elderly and nature. We have become self-driven, with our fast money, instant gratification and dispensability


Few of us know what it actually means to like or love ourselves; be content in our shape, form and heart center. These may sound like radical ideas of a new age, but in fact this is the essence of where we go to begin reconnecting with our human truths. Understanding that others are human too. They have equal rights to you. Treating them as you would like to be treated. Accepting their individuality and embracing their uniqueness. Seeing others as a valuable addition to life, rather than a threat to how others perceive you.

We measure ourselves against others successes and abilities, yet we forgot the most basic of principles – we are incomparable. Our civilisation does not necessitate the same strengths in each person, it does not need common interests at large, it does not require conformity and it does not demand sameness. We are designed to prosper by using our unique strengths to collectively serve our greater good. Our power is in our joint, invested ventures of growing and cultivating our humanness.

Our lack of belief in ourselves and our fears are the only aspects that promote division; within ourselves and with others. The dictation of how others tell us the world should function and our willingness to follow as sheep, has designed a life of the conventional and the mundane.

Moments of true, honest joy flash into our experiences as momentary glances. Rather than looking for our magic inside, we are driven to look externally at how others ‘appear’ to be making theirs.
Your magic is inside of you. Your magic is made up of all the glitter that makes you who you are. When you combine your passion, with self-love and your formula, you will then transcend this way of being. Then you will arrive as a perfectly, completed and whole version of you.



We’re not so different, you and me,

join my soul tribe and become more of who

you were meant to be